100 BPM


2012  | 2 Weeks  |  Doris Feurstein, Maxime Dubreuq, Natalie Vanns, Shivanjali Tomar


Thousands of people die every year of cardiac arrests outside hospitals because bystanders either are incapable of or don't know the right way of giving CPR. 

100BPM is a concept for a CPR device, designed to assist people in giving CPR the right way.


100BPM provides this information in a very intuitive way through the use of sound and light feedback to take the cognitive load off people in such demanding circumstances. 

The two biggest challenges in giving effective CPR are compressing chest to the right depth and giving compressions at a regular rate of 100-120 per minute.

Most people either don't know these numbers or they forget about them in stressful situations.


Correct depth is indicated through the light feedback and correct frequency for compressions through sound beats.


To design the sounds for this device was particularly challenging. We traced the emotional journey of a CPR giver over time and their response to different sounds in intervals. We then designed sounds from the device to counter these emotions



Scenario Story Boarding




Working prototypes were made using Arduino and Processing to simulate and test the product behaviour. 


User Testing